A Guy in a Garage

 Me next to the Flyt 16  
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Me next to the Flyt 16


Yup, most of this was built by a crazy guy in a garage

Hi, my name is Ansel, nice to (virtually) meet you!  I'm the crazy guy who built the FlytCycle and Flyt 16 - in a garage.

We're a small team started by one guy who dreamed of a future where flying could solve our transportation problems.  Right now we're working hard to make this a reality by starting with hoverbikes.


Here's the basic founding story

  • Guy wants to sleep in longer and dreams of flying machines to get to school faster
  • He majors in business in college
  • Teaches himself some aeronautical engineering on the side and does the basic math to show it theoretically could work
  • Works in management consulting for several years after graduating and saves up money to pursue this dream
  • Quits job and works (mostly) alone in a garage every day for four years and across seven(ish) prototypes to turn it into a reality

That pretty much sums it up.  I like to tell people I'm a crazy guy building a cross between a flying car and a jetpack, but at the end of the day I just really believe in what I'm trying to do and never learned how to take no for an answer.

Although I've been the only person working on it full-time for most of the project, there have been tons of people who have helped over the years, especially friends and family who have provided invaluable advice, support, and skills.  For example, I had no idea how to do anything in CAD when I started, so a friend of mine helped me to design parts I needed and teach me how to use the software.  Or the countless times I needed help with testing and friends graciously offered their time to do free physical labor.  Lately the team has expanded through many volunteers who have helped us in countless ways.

While it's fun to be able to say I built a personal flying machine in a garage, it's only the first (and arguably easiest) step of many.  I was sort of working alone on this by choice, because I'm really, really optimistic and think that each prototype won't take long to finish and of course, this one's going to work!  In the end, I didn't spend enough time looking for a co-founder because I was worried the concept wouldn't work at all.  I'm fine wasting my own time on something that won't work, but I'd feel awful if I ended up wasting someone else's time on something that didn't work.  Maybe that makes me a bad entrepreneur, but it's important to me to treat others like I'd want them to treat me.

Now that the FlytCycle is up and running better than I could have hoped we are looking for team members to help full-time.  You can find more on that here or contact us directly.

Anyway, that's the short story behind this.  There's a ton more in our 'History - long' page where I tell the whole story of the process and each prototype.  At the end of the day, don't take me too seriously though, because who in their right mind would build and fly a contraption they built in a garage?

If you want to see some of the times things didn't go according to plan, check out the Stories and Failures page.