Drone Medivac in Flight

Drone Medivac in Flight



Of the many uses our aircraft can be used for, the Military is an excellent fit.  Being able to move troops and supplies in and out of dangerous areas is just one combat scenario; consider the ability to hover over landmines and IED’s without triggering them off.  This would be a game-changer for our soldiers in any combat theater. We also see the ability to evacuate wounded soldiers from combat zones without the use of larger helicopters.  These tasks and others are under careful consideration at Flyt.

On the following pages are several of our proposed concept designs. Since each design is not specific to a particular branch of the Military, we have secured some of the pages and text. If you are unable to click-through to a design project heading, it may be locked for that reason. Please reach out to us using our Contact Page for access.

Medivac Systems

Emergency Sat-Com Systems

Supply Drone

Troop Transport