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Flyt Aerospace is embarking on a new project, the FlytCycle.  Learn more about it here.

We're excited you'd like to learn more about us!

Flyt was founded to develop personal flying machines that can take off and land vertically, or human-sized multi-rotor VTOL vehicles to be precise.  We dream of a day in the not-too-distant future where you can hop in one and fly to your destination because we truly believe that it will make the world better for billions of people.  We're currently focused on an intermediary step, the FlytCycle, to bring us closer to our vision of human VTOL transportation.

The short story is that this project was built mostly by one guy working in a garage over the past three years.  Not even an engineer by trade, but a business major in college followed by business consulting.  We certainly like to think it's a fun story that's worth a read (we're a little biased though) - and we've tried (and probably failed) to make it an entertaining read.

Flyt has been operating in 'stealth mode' for the past three years while we develop our prototypes (we wanted to make sure the concept actually worked first), so we're happy to finally share our work with you! 

There's a lot of great information here on the site, so take a look around!

Couds in sky

Our vision

Think this is an interesting little project?  It's much more than that - check out our vision page to learn why we believe so strongly in what we do and how it will change the world.

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Our History

Want to learn more about our story and where we came from?  Check out our history to hear what it took to get here, as well as a preview of where we're heading next.

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Stories and Failures

We've had a lot of things go wrong over the years. and we're not afraid to share some of our more spectacular failures with you.

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Use Cases

There are many potential uses for this ranging from personal transport to cargo.  Check out how you'll use these in the future.

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