Welcome to Flyt Aerospace


We're excited you'd like to learn more about us!

We're currently focused on our latest invention, the FlytCycle!  It's pretty much a hover bike that's designed to fly a couple feet off the ground over any terrain.  We call it an OTV, or Over Terrain Vehicle!  You can check out the latest news, photos, and video here.

What's it used for you're wondering?  Anywhere you'd want to fly this can be used - for fun and recreation, search and rescue, military, emergency services, and so many more applications!  As for fun and recreation, it's a ton of fun to fly!  If you've ever dreamed of flying, it's just like you imagined - you can feel yourself floating above the ground in a way you've never experienced before.  And best of all it's 100% electric!


Our long-term vision

Flyt Aerospace was originally founded to develop personal flying machines that can take off and land vertically, or human-sized multi-rotor VTOL vehicles to be precise.  We dream of a day in the not-too-distant future where you can hop in one and fly to your destination because we truly believe that it will make the world better for billions of people.

Unfortunately, that's still a few years off because you have to prove the technology is incredibly safe.  So we're focused on the FlytCycle as an intermediary step to refine the base technology and prove its safety, bringing us closer to our vision of human VTOL transportation.

Flyt Aerospace was started by one guy working in a garage to build all sorts of flying machines.  Not even an engineer by trade, but a business major in college followed by business consulting.  Learn more about us here.

There's a lot of great information here on the site, so take a look around!