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Dream + Defy + Fly

If you have ever dreamed of flying, it is just as you imagined.  Hovering just feet about the ground with a feeling you have never experienced before.  It is, in a word, thrilling.  We at Flyt aim at bringing the thrill of flying to anyone who wants to follow their dream.

Flyt is a next generation transportation company focused on delivering robust, innovatively designed and easy to fly Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft.  Having successfully built and flown numerous prototype aircraft, Flyt is now ready to build for the masses.  Whether you want a personal hovercraft or a lightweight single-seat eVTOL, Flyt is building something for you.  One of our goals is to commercialize large scale multi-rotor aircraft in order to bring the thrill of personal flight to everyone.


Flyt is further developing several service oriented aircraft for the many uses VTOL can take advantage of like no other craft.  Being lightweight and highly maneuverable, VTOL aircraft can flourish where size and price used to be prohibitive.  Flyt “Service” aircraft may be manned or unmanned, but always reliable and affordable.

The future of truly intuitive flight control is at hand and Flyt is at the front of the pack.  We believe all our aircraft should be easy to fly and available to anyone who wants experience the thrill flight; no longer are thousands of dollars and 40+ hours of training needed to head skyward…

At Flyt, we dream, we defy, we fly.

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