About Us


Flyt Aerospace

Our company is focused on commercializing human-scale multirotor technology.  You can read about our long term vision and use cases on those pages, but to sum it up we're focused on bringing personal flight to everyone.  The FlytCycle is just the first step in that journey.

We are currently working to raise capital to continue developing the FlytCycle.  We have some incredibly exciting things planned that we can't wait to share once we get up and running!


It all started when...

A guy dreamed of building a personal flying machine.  Yup,  classic startup story. Flyt Aerospace was started in 2013 when Ansel (the founder), decided to quite his job as a management consultant (and who studied business in college) to build flying machines.  It took 4 prototypes to get one flying and several more after that to get where we are today.

We're now flying around on our 3rd version of the FlytCycle.  It's working great and so now the focus is expanding our team and seeking funding so we can pursue our dreams in a big way.

If you think you have the sort of skills we might need, contact us and let us know!