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Oceanside Resort Hotel

Oceanside Resort Hotel

The resort model

In a world full of exciting and fun things to do, we at Flyt have spent a great deal of time refining what we call the Resort Model. In this model, we outline just how easy and affordable personal VTOL aircraft can be deployed at resort hotels anywhere in the world. With concise costs and profit projections, we at Flyt are offering a way to bring one of the most exciting and NEW technologies to guests at any coastal resort.

Unlike offering helicopter flights or building out incredibly expensive submarine infrastructure for underwater exploration, the Flyt Resort Model brings a cost effective way to set your resort appart from almost any other. With a total of 8 moving parts, and rechargeable batteries that swap out in minutes, the Flyt Hummingbird is ready to put guests in the seat of their own VTOL aircraft. Whether your party is simply ready to experience the next generation of personal flight, or wanting to compete head-to-head on a water course, FLYT Resort is an attraction like none other.

Contact us for more details and find out how to move your resort into the next generation of guest expectations. We will outline exactly how easy it is to move VTOL to your shores and spot-light you as the “must go to” resort.

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