The FlytCycle


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Now that our latest prototype is complete it's up and flying very well!  We've been conducting flight tests for several weeks now after our last setback and will be overhauling the website shortly.  Stay tuned - we'll be sharing more photos and videos as we continue flight testing!


About the FlytCycle v3

It's hard to believe, but we built the FlytCycle v3 in just two short weeks starting in late April.  Since its completion in mid May we've already conducted many, many flight tests and it flies even better than the FlytCycle v1. 

It can fly for 10-15 minutes on a single set of batteries and only weights 160lbs empty.  We're getting ready to really test it in a more challenging environment after we put a few more finishing touches on it.


About the FlytCycle v2

In early April, 2017 we completed the FlytCycle v2 as a demonstration of where we wanted to take it.  Unfortunately, we ran into an unexpected problem during flight testing and had trouble stabilizing it.  We could get it to fly well about 50% of the time, but had trouble solving an intermittent spinning problem.

You can see below that it looked great, but after 3 weeks of flight testing we decided to revert back to our previous design and started construction of the FlytCycle v3.

The FlytCycle v2 (without the pilot's chair which goes in the middle)

The FlytCycle v2 (without the pilot's chair which goes in the middle)

The control panel in front of the pilot

The control panel in front of the pilot



About the FlytCycle v1

Back in December we finished the first test platform in the video above.  It's purpose was to answer some basic questions we had around feasibility and to allow us to quickly test some things.  We flew it with people riding it and with no tethers for several minutes at a time. and it exceeded our highest expectations.  It answered all the questions we had and more, specifically:

  1. It works!
  2. It's very stable
  3. It's highly maneuverable
  4. It flies for several minutes at a time with no problems
  5. And most importantly, it's really fun to ride!

Check out these videos of some of our flight tests: