Welcome to Flying in the 21st Century.  The rules have changed.


The Golden Age of the Automobile is over.  A new age of flight has begun.  Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft are redefining the way we perceive flight.  Lightweight, maneuverable and reliable, the next generation of flight is going vertical; but unlike a helicopter, at a fraction of the cost and incredibly fun to fly.  Flyt Aerospace is 21st Century flight redefined.

The Red Hummingbird

The Red Hummingbird

Flyt is at the forefront of re-imagining the way modern flight is perceived.  No longer tied to our terrestrial surroundings, Flyt is designing airborne platforms to serve many purposes.  Whether transporting cargo or people, Flyt has an aircraft designed for you.

Amazing things have started in garages; Flyt is no exception.  From its familiar beginnings in a garage in the Silicon Valley, Flyt is designing eVTOL aircraft with the lofty goal of making the world a better place.  Whether you want to race your friends on a hover bike course, hail a vehicle to take you to work, or fly around for fun in your personal eVTOL, Flyt is designing an aircraft for you.

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