Medivac Drone (Vehicle Image)

The only drone you hope to never use, the Medivac Drone. Designed for battlefield transit it fits a special place in the Military arsenal. Similar to the Bell Model 47, the Flyt Medivac Drone is equipped with what is referred to as an “External Litter”. This, not too friendly term, is the ability to transport a wounded soldier to safety while attached to the exterior of the aircraft. Being small was never so important. Its lithe side profile and non-existent front profile means this troop transporter can get in where larger aircraft cannot. Sent straight to the front lines, a soldier can be loaded into the “litter” gurney in seconds and ready for passage back to safety once attached to the Medivac Drone.

Medivac Plus (Vehicle Image)

When airspace and battlefield conditions allow, you send in the Medivac Plus. This capable aircraft is intended to bring a Medic along for the trip. Since not all wounded soldiers can be transported without in-flight care, a larger aircraft would be needed. Still small in stature compared to a full-size helicopter, the Medivac Plus is equipped with all the necessary equipment to treat the wounded while en route to safety. Further, it would be flown by remote control to ensure the in-flight medic has time to attend to the patient. Since the Medivac Plus would need to be capable of carrying two people plus gear, it would be based on our heavy-lifting platform.