our strategy

Flyt sees many opportunities in aerial transportation.  As mentioned, hover bikes and eVTOL aircraft are the beginning.  In addition to zeroing in on the incredible experience of hopping on a hover bike to race with your friends, we see the transition from traditional ground transportation to aerial transit as nothing short of a necessity.  Geometrically, the shortest distance between two places is a straight line.  We see a future of multi-lane aerial transit taking advantage of this rule.  It is not hard to imagine thousands of aerial vehicles passing each other effortlessly as they fly from point A to point B.

As would be expected with any next generation transportation system, Flyt is cognizant of the many challenges ahead.   Specifically for our high-flying vehicles, we have identified and put an action plan in place to tackle the limitations current FAA rules pose.  While not an easy road to navigate, we are not alone in this pursuit, and feel when the time comes; we will find the airspace needed to fly our vehicles safely within FAA guidelines.

 That said, for the moment we feel it is more important to focus on proving our flight systems and chassis designs.  Although these systems are complicated and interdependent, we have put many hours of R&D in preparation for moving forward.  We are currently testing our flagship 12 rotor eVTOL vehicle called the “Liberator”.  While the Liberator is built on our proven flight technology, we feel that its success will help lead us forward having demonstrated without a doubt: we fly. 


Once the Liberator is ready for prime time, we will quickly shift focus to our hoverbike, the Hummingbird.  The Hummingbird, an electric Over Terrain Vehicle (OTV) will most likely be our first production model offered.  By introducing our low altitude hoverbike first, we will have proven our viability as a first-class eVTOL company.  The Hummingbird hoverbike will finally fill a niche aircraft an audience of enthusiasts cannot wait to own and fly.

FAL_Motor CU 4.jpg

Although we will offer the Hummingbird to enthusiasts first, we also plan to market this vehicle in a fleet structure.  We see a huge market opportunity in the rent-to-race environment.  Similar to current go-kart racing facilities, we see a very similar model ahead.  It is our intention to build and support a circuit of rental facilities to bolster any doubts this new technology might elicit. 


On that note, our research shows that while many people cannot wait for true aerial “at altitude” flight vehicles, there is still some skepticism in the market.  And while we are not the first, or only, company anxious to break the ties to our terrestrial harbourages, we feel that by flying people reliably at hover altitudes, we will help dispel any lingering doubts.


We dream, we dare, we fly.  Let it be said today, that the next generation of humankind will know the freedom of flying over the limitations of driving and accept it as the norm.  We at Flyt are working day and night to make flying the new norm and leave the outdated automobile where it belongs; tied ardently and stubbornly to the ground.

Progress is not just moving ahead. Progress is dreaming and working and building a better way of life.
— Carousel of Progress